Maurice's Secret Sycamore

Picture yourself no bigger than a mouse, opening a door in the base of a Sycamore tree.

You have magically arrived in the home of Maurice, world traveler and collector of the world’s wisdom. Secret passages lead to rooms full of math, memory, geography and other educational games. Game points earned can be transformed into books for kids in need. These donations model the lessons of compassion central to the companion children’s book series Maurice’s Valises. This is a free, non-commercial app for children 5-9.

A Christmas Tail

Maurice is a captivating storyteller, and our Interactive Book Apps pull readers deeper into those stories.

The apps are not a replication of the printed picture books. Instead, the apps expand the engagement of the reader with the page through narration, user interaction, and cinematic effects.

  • Chris Beatrice’s illustrations respond to your touch.
  • Tom Zingarelli’s narration immerses the reader.
  • A recording option allows you to read to your child.
  • Cinematic sound effects and animation increase the magic.
Beans of Budapest

Curl up at bedtime with this imaginative, animated book app, a mini movie.

Scored with original music and rich sound effects, The Beans of Budapest, based on the book of the same name from the Maurice’s Valises children’s book series is a mouse’s adventure seen through the eyes of the wise mouse Maurice that creates a unique friendship in a new culture while traveling in a violin case down the Danube river.