We believe that sharing is to distribute something of yourself one believes others will benefit from.

Your donation will pay for: “Maurice’s Valises Children’s Hospital Book Donation” program, Educational “Kindness Kits”, “Maurice’s Nobel Prize” and our “Giving Apps”. Not one penny of your donation will go to the administrative costs of the Maurice’s Valises Children’s foundation.


No donation is too small.

If the mission of Maurice’s Valises is one that you share, we hope you will consider supporting the project. We are building this effort one book at a time.

Book Donation

Maurice’s Valises book donation recipients:


Maurice's Noble Prize

Good deeds should be rewarded.

The statuesque little mouse will be given each year to a child, a classroom or maybe even a country (I jest) in recognition of some extraordinary achievement by children helping children.

Charity Apps

Picture yourself no bigger than a mouse, opening a door in the base of a Sycamore tree.

You have magically arrived in the home of Maurice, world traveler and collector of the world’s wisdom. Secret passages lead to rooms full of math, memory, geography and other educational games. Game points earned can be transformed into books for kids in need. These donations model the lessons of compassion central to the companion children’s book series Maurice’s Valises. This is a free, non-commercial app for children 5-9. For more information click here.